Remember the days of recording over cassettes or burning CDs? Having a mixtape was the perfect way to have all of your favorite songs in the same place. You could have your own tape of your favorite songs, bypassing all the ‘deep cuts’, and put the best of the best songs on one album without having to fast forward or switch from side A to B.

This summer we launch a new series entitled Summer Mixtape where we’ll be looking into and learning from some of the Bibles ‘deep cut’ worship moments in Scripture that teach us how to pray, mourn, and praise in every situation in life.

Worshipping from Expectation

July 7/8, 2018
Exodus 15:1-8, John 9:1-31
Jamie Cambers
Worshipping from expectation, not from resolution


July 14/15, 2018
Psalm 51, 2 Samuel 11-12
Mark Brewer
When you confess to Jesus you receive forgiveness. When we confess to one another we receive healing.

Someone Else’s Victory

July 21/22, 2018
1 Samuel 18
Mark Brewer
Put down your spear and celebrate with the victory of others, even when it’s greater than your own.

Testimony and Mantra

July 28/29, 2018
2 Samuel 22 & Psalm 18
John Sherwood
Ever feel like your in between? Between God promises and the delivery. Between the birth of a dream, and the fulfillment. Between the calling on your life and living out that calling.

Explore the idea of being in between by looking through the lens of David’s life.

Dig a Hole!

August 4/5, 2018
Numbers 21:16-20
Jamie Cambers
Why is it that sometimes we don’t just feel full of Holy Spirit? That’s because sometimes we need to put the work in: dig some holes to make more room for Holy Spirit to move in us.

When we dig holes for the Spirit, Jesus moves us to HUMILITY, COMMUNITY. and STABILITY.

Don’t Quit

August 11/12, 2018
2 Chronicles 20

Psalm 136

Dave Rowe
Why do bad things happen? What do we do when things don’t seem to make sense? How do we move forward when we are hurting? King Jehoshaphat wondered about very similar things while being faced with what seemed an impossible situation.

In the midst of chaos, we can still trust Jesus.

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